Tuesday, January 18, 2022

White Licorice Rose A Vibrant Bloomer

White Licorice rose. © GTFS

The White Licorice rose can surprise you with its light yellow to white. In the photos I took, the yellow was a strong, vibrant yellow. 

This disease-resistant Floribunda was registered as Wekdidusinra and its trademarked name is White Licorice™.

Bred by Christian Bédard in the United States in 2009, White Licorice was introduced into the USA by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower Inc. in 2011 as "White Licorice."

The other two roses are experimental roses that bear a resemblance to White Licorice.

White Licorice rose. © GTFS.

Its strong lemon-licorice fragrance is a delight, as are the 26 to 40 pedals at full bloom (depending upon the plant's size that ranges from approximately 31 to 47 inches in height). The pointed, ovoid buds are great for cut flowers. White Licorice is also good in beds and borders. You will not be disappointed.

White Licorice rose. © GTFS

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