Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Shadows Bring Out White Magnolia's Beauty

This photo was somewhat difficult to accomplish. The blossom was quite a ways away, and I photographed it with my 400mm Nikkor. The bright morning sun posed a problem because of shadows. I hope you enjoy it. Please share my blog with friends and family, or any of my commercial sites, listed on this blog. Word-of-mouth advertising is basically my only form of advertising. Thank you for visiting. © GTFS.


Pink Magnolia At Filoli

Pink magnolia at Filoli. I had trouble editing this, due to the shadows. I hope you enjoy it. Please sharae with family and friends, as word-of-mouth advertising is nearly the only advertising I am able to obtain. © Glenn Franco Simmons.


Porcelain Dahlias' Perfection!

Porcelain dahlias. © GTFS.

Porcelain dahlia. © GTFS.

Porcelain dahlias. © GTFS.

Porcelain dahlias. © GTFS.

Because screen resolutions are becoming better, along with photo-editing software, I've been re-editing some of my photos to ensure they are best suited for the precise contemporary viewing standards, including on big-screen TVs.

This is a Porcelain dahlia photographed in San Francisco at The Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. Please share, if so inclined. © GTFS.